Beaumont Water Heater Repair

Do you remember if you were you stuck in the shower when your water suddenly went cold? You couldn’t get your dishes to wash properly or get all the stains out of your clothes? You’re probablyBeaumont water heater repair experiencing a broken or busted water heater which can really put a hamper on your home life as well as your daily chores and needs. Here at My Beaumont plumbing we have certified water heater installation plumbers that can get you back up and running in a short amount of time. We can install traditional water heaters as well as bring your house up to date with a new energy saving tank-less water heater.  Call us now and enjoy a nice warm shower tonight!

Tank-less Water Heaters

Have you been thinking about upgrading your home to a tank-less water heaters? Let My Beaumont plumbing explain some of the advantages of these new water heaters and how they can help out in your everyday life. First off, tank-less water heaters can help save you money on your monthly water bill. These water heaters expend less energy because instead of constantly heating water, they only heat water instantly as you need it.  The savings you will see should be some where around 50%. Also tank-less water heaters last much long than traditional water heaters do. A tank-less water heater will have a life expectancy around 20 years, while a traditional one will only lat between 6-12 years. Talk about a big difference.  One last advantage of tank-less water heaters is that they have an unending supply of hot water since the water is heated on demand and not stored like a traditional heater does. Take these straight forward facts into consideration when you contact Arlington plumbing to have your broken water heater repaired!